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I'm a book buying junkie who buys books faster than I can read them. But what better way is there to live than surrounded by books?! I read as much as I can and I do my best to give coherent reviews...which doesn't always happen.  I enjoy many genres, which is likely the reason I struggle with deciding my next read.


So the pain was still pretty excruciating this morning, but this evening it seems to have lessed a bit.  And mom came over today and 'mother-henned' me. It was nice and yet weird for my kid who has never witness my mom in full-on mom-mode. She's only used to her being MomMom, and I don't usually need to be mothered... I suppose it was weird for both of us.


She's coming back tomorrow to bring me a special breakfast.  


I am still basically bedridden and I'm already antsy to get out of bed, but I'm dealing.  I got three digital loans from the library and a room full of books.  It's all a matter of not focusing on the fact that I can't really do anything on my own (which disctracts me from reading.)  I mean seriously, nothing. My kids walk me back and forth to the bathroom so I don't have any more accidents.


And before my accident we got to visit Moma and her babies, I don't think I got a chance to post pictures, so expect them soon.  So that is a positive that I think of. Moma and her babies are flourishing. 

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