Bookish Blerd

I'm a book buying junkie who buys books faster than I can read them. But what better way is there to live than surrounded by books?! I read as much as I can and I do my best to give coherent reviews...which doesn't always happen.  I enjoy many genres, which is likely the reason I struggle with deciding my next read.

Question About Goodreads...

How many people, who ran away from goodreads because of the insanity, still utilize it?  I'm mostly curious because I did like they way I was able to organize my library there.  Does anyone still have an account just for that?  I just don't know if I can go back even for that.  Does anyone else use different sites/apps for library organization?  I'm also interested in learning what experiences others have had with that site.

Currently reading

A Ruin Of Shadows
Lewis Carroll
A Christmas Cornucopia: The Hidden Stories Behind Our Yuletide Traditions
Mark Forsyth
Twice Bitten
Crystal Green, Erica Orloff
Master and Commander (Aubrey/Maturin, #1)
Patrick O'Brian