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I'm a book buying junkie who buys books faster than I can read them. But what better way is there to live than surrounded by books?! I read as much as I can and I do my best to give coherent reviews...which doesn't always happen.  I enjoy many genres, which is likely the reason I struggle with deciding my next read.

Review: American Assassin [movie]

I'm a huge Dylan O'Brian and Michael Keaton fan, which is the main reason I wanted to see this in the theater.  There are very few movies I want to see in the theater, unless it's for family time--which this somehow turned into.  


This is my kind of movie.  I love spies, assassins, military, war, etc. in my movies.  I think it's a hold-over from the watching Mash with my daddy when I was little.  I love things like James Bond, Strike Back, Master And Commander, and so on.


Dylan and Michael (and all the cast) were phenomenal in this movie.  It's clearly the start lf a franchise, as it's based on a book series.  And like most first movies of a series, it starts a little slow and light on the action, but builds to a satisfying climax.  It had a familiar plot sevice with Mitch's (Dylan's) main motivation being revenge, but isn't that way so many people get involved in those types of situations?!  It's more about what his character does once he realizes it's all about so much more than his personal revenge.  I think (hope) if they decide to continue with the series, we'll get to see his character grow and mature.


This is more my feelings on the movie more so than a review. I don't want to spoil it for anyone who is planning to see it. I think it was a great start.   Dylan is such a natural talent and it was nice seeing him break out of teenager mode and show how much he's grown and matured as an actor since The High Road, and that show that shall not be named.


And Keaton... remeber when people scoffed at him being Batman in the 90s and his portrayal knocked everone on their collective asses?!  Well, he's at it again.  I don't know that I've ever seen him in a role quite like this and he pulled it off  spectacularly!


It get's top marks from me.  I'm still undecided as to whether or not I'll check out the books, but I'm definitelt down for a movie sequel.

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