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I'm a book buying junkie who buys books faster than I can read them. But what better way is there to live than surrounded by books?! I read as much as I can and I do my best to give coherent reviews...which doesn't always happen.  I enjoy many genres, which is likely the reason I struggle with deciding my next read.


Darkfire - Garrett Robinson The story has gotten even better, which is exactly what a series is supposed to do. There have been more twists and turns, but at the same time, we are getting more information and back story, answers to some questions. We've met some new allies and some new enemies, as well as old. There is a bit of character growth for Loren. She's starting to see her hypocrisy and question the wisdom and truth of her beliefs and actions. She still has a long way to go, but the fact that you are beginning to see growth key in moving the story along, in my opinion.

The action has been amazing, and on-the-edge-of-your-seat. Gem is still, by far, my favorite character, even more so than the main protagonist, Loren. He's fiery and loyal and true. Loren could actually learn quite a bit from him. But he is as much a child as Loren, for all that she boats she is a woman grown. We've had gains and loses within the group. And there were quite a few things and people that I DID NOT see coming. The ending was a bit of an emotional and bittersweet cliffhanger and I NEED to get the the next book like yesterday. This review might be a little vague, but I truly don't want to spoil anyone.

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