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I'm a book buying junkie who buys books faster than I can read them. But what better way is there to live than surrounded by books?! I read as much as I can and I do my best to give coherent reviews...which doesn't always happen.  I enjoy many genres, which is likely the reason I struggle with deciding my next read.

I'm a Special Kind of Klutz

So... I'll start with the positive. I didn't do any damage to the area where I had the surgery. The doctor said it's likely because I still walk in a way that is protective of the area.  




On the surgey foot, you know the side I broke the ankle on while my foot was still healing. The side that just came out of the boot.  I'm back in a boot. I managed to break three metatarsals. Yeah I'm just that clumsy. As for the right side, I managed to chip off some bone on my ankle, which is exactly what I did to the left side 2 months ago.  But because of balance issues--which really need to be taken into account when dealing with the queen of klutz--he can only put one boot on me at a time.  The toes are thee bones vs the one ankle, so I just get a snazzy ace bandage for the broken ankle.


Elevate, ice, repeat. And basically don't go anywhere. I am fairly certain I'm never leaving the house again.


Thanks to everyone for the positive vibes. I have another 6 weeks of being a burden to everyone in my household.  And yes that is depressed me feeling sorry for herself.  I'm in a crapton of pain--physical and emotional--so I figure I'm allowed to wallow a bit.



Bad Luck Back

So...I just fell taking my kid to her appointment. Which is exactly where I was headed when I fell and broke my ankle 2 months ago. I'm pretty sure I did damange to my surgery foot and I'm almost positive I broke the opposite ankle. And my knee is a disaster--it's a miracle I didn't put a hole in my pants.


I'm sitting in the back of a lyft trying not to try from pain and just sheer frustration. I think I'm never leaving the house again except for doctor's appointments. I'll let you know the damange as soon as I'm home safe in my bubble.


I could use all the positive vibes I can get. Thanks.


Love, Simon was EVERYTHING!!!!!!  Just got back from seeing it with my daughter.  I was worried the movie wouldn't live up to the novel, but there was no need.  Go see this movie; you will regret it if you don't.  If you've already seen it, go see it again; you know how awesome it was.


That is all, back to your regularly scheduled blog posts.

Review: They Both Die At The End

They Both Die at the End - Michael Crouch, Adam Silvera

So this was


I don't know why I chose to listen to this audiobook this week as I just lost an old friend who was like a kid sister to me.  I watched her grow up, and while our lives moved us in opposite directions these last years, we still had a lot of history.  She was a bridesmaid in my wedding.  But I digress, as usual.  Man I am really bad at reviews sometimes!  But this is me, and I write it as it comes.


Before I get into the story, I want to say that I loved the diversity/representation portrayed in this book.  There are people from different races, ethnicities, walks-of-life, social status, and sexual orientation.  It all flowed very beautifully and it wasn't forced and there was no tokenism.  It's refreshing to see and it was well written, which makes it even better.


So the whole premise of this story is that a company has created a way to predict death.  Now, each day between the hours of midnight and three a.m., certain people receive a call letting them know that at some time within the next 24-hours, they will die.  That's pretty messed up, right?!  I kind of get the idea, if you knew you were going to die, you could say 'proper' good-byes and maybe do things you never had the courage to do.  But at the same time, would you really want to know?  Personally, while I would get a chance to spend time with my loved ones, I would also have to live the entire day with the knowledge that I was going go die in some mysterious, unnatural way.  


The story follows (specifically) Mateo and Rufus who are 17/18-year-olds and they have both received the telephone call letting them know that they are going to die.  They aren't told how or exactly when; they just know they are going to die.  Both are, obviously, in a state of shock and disbelief.  Rufus had just lost his entire family four months prior and was living with a serious case of survivor's guilt.  Mateo is a frail, and paranoid kid whose mother died giving birth to him, and his father is currently in a coma.  He's sad and angry that if--when his father wakes up, Mateo will be gone without having had a chance to say good-bye.  


Their stories intersect when they each decide to use an app called "Last Friends".  It was created for people who get the death call and want/need someone to spend their final day with.  Together Mateo and Rufus spend their last day in various places around the city, getting to know one another, and helping each other come to terms with their impending doom.  There are all sorts of services throughout the city aimed toward "deckers", some are genuinely meant to help them live out a dream or have a few great final memories; while others are just meant to milk money from dying people. In less that 24-hours they become the best 'last friends' either could have hoped for.  They connect on a level that most others could never understand.  Mateo helps bring Rufus back to life; he was lost after the death of his family.  Rufus shows the sheltered Mateo how to live the life he's always wished he could.  They are so thankful that they got to meet; although wishing they could have done so sooner.  But they wonder if meeting is what causes them to die.  


So that's the other question, isn't it?  Does knowing you're going to die inevitably cause your death?  I don't want to spoil the story, but you will be asking yourselves the same questions when you read it.  They story was so real (the audio cast truly brought the characters to life).  It was believable and implausible at the same time.  It was bittersweet and beautiful and sad.  It didn't get me until right before the very end, although a different me probably would have been sniffling through a good bit of it.  And while it did make me cry (it goes on the short list of books that have), I don't think it was a sad story.  It was a lovely story about living each day as though it were a lifetime and not taking your tomorrows for granted.  


Read this book.  You won't regret it!

WWE Monday Night Raw

So I'm just now watching this Monday's episode and it's really uncomfortable to watch and kind of in poor taste.


Brock Lesner attacking a handcuffed Roman Reigns is shades of a police officers abusing a handcuffed person of color.  


Just gross.  Maybe I'm the only one who took offense, but BOO WWE, just BOO!

Review: A Day In The Life Of Marlon Bundo

A Day In The Life Of Marlon Bundo - Marlon Bundo, Jill Twiss, Richard Parsons

Had to purchase he audiobook to tide me over until the physical books are back in stock.


As the bisexual mother of lesbian and pansexual daughters, and the sister-in-law of two lovely lesbians with three beautiful daughters, this was the best book I've read/listened to. As a human person who believes in tolerance, equality and that love is love, this is the best book I've read/listened to!

The narrators were perfect, as was the story. There was so much importance in how the animals all stood behind the bunnies who only wanted to love one another. And the best moment was when they all realized that they got to decide who their leader was, and voted the mean old stink bug out! Love and tolerance won in the end.

This book gives me hope that this will soon be the case in real life.

Moma Update 4.0: With Pictures!

Mommy and babies are doing well. Moma seems to have adopted the whole family as her own already. Their little chihuahua sat on the bed and watched the birth up close and Moma wasn't the least bit bothered.  The fact that she didn't go off and hide to give birth speaks volumes about the type of people they are!


My family plan to go visit her in person this weekend and I will take lots of pictures. But for now, here's what we have.



Aren't they all just beautiful?!

Moma Update 3.5


Review: Saga, Volume 3

Saga, Volume 3 - Brian K. Vaughan, Fiona Staples

So this is only the third comic series I've gotten, fourth, but that's just my way of saying I've only gotten into comics over the last few years.  Comic Con probably had something to do with that.  Went for the celebrity panels, kept going back for the comics, lol!


Anyway, I. Love. This. Series. 


It's really hard for me to review. The story is fun, the art is beautiful, the characters, even the antagonists, are so likeable.  Just A+ for the whole thing.  I just have one thing to say. If anything really bad happens to Lying Cat... I will be one pissed bee! And see, I kept it classy by using harsh letters instead of cursing.

Moma Update 3.0

Her new foster mom picked her up Saturday evening. Within 3 seconds of meeting her, I was in love and wanted to go live with her myself!  She was kind, super excited and ridiculously patient.  She understood that Moma was comfortable with us and that she would have to give her time to learn to trust her.  Moma let her pet her within minutes of meeting her, which was so comforting to me.  She promised that Moma would have her own safe space to get comfortable in (and have her babies) before she integrated her into the rest of the house.  And what made me feel the best about her, was that she assured me that if she didn't keep Moma herself, she would foster her until she found her the perfect home. No SPCA or shelters, or heaven forbid back on the street.  She plans to name the kittens after my family since we've been caring for her and arranged to get her fostered.


So, by Sunday afternoon, Moma was already lounging in bed with her.  I nearly cried.  This is all I've ever wanted for her.  She said we can come visit her any time.  You have no idea how happy I am! Well, you probably do.  And I promise to update as soon as those babies are born!  Thanks again for being on this journey with me and allowing me a space to vent my frustrations.

Moma Cat Update

So the people who took her were clearly not truly knowledgeable about cats.  First, (and I didn't know this until after the fact) they took her to a home that not only had a bunch of other cats, but several high-strung, barky dogs.  She was clearly distraught, stopped eating, wouldn't let anyone near her, and within a few days, they brought her back.


And what's worse, they insisted that since she was missing the tip of her ear that she had already been trapped, spayed and released and therefore was not pregnant.  First of all, no.  Just no.  Second, I've been taking care of her for two years on a daily basis.  If she had been trapped, I would have known it.  Not to mention the fact that no one else in my neighborhood would make the effort to get her TFR.  AND there's the evidence of her still expanding belly.  She's ready to pop!  And they seem to not realize that stray/feral cats can easily lose the tips of their ears due to the cold weather.  Both the female cats I care for in the front of my house lost an ear-tip long before we had them trapped/fixed/released.  I know they meant well, but I am just utterly frustrated with them!!!  I appreciate at the fact that they do this, but clearly they need more education.  I look forward to calling them and telling them when she has the kittens and that I was right all along.  I'm petty like that.


So my neighbor put us in touch with the woman she got her rescue cat from.  This is what she does for a living, so she is actually knowledgeable about cats, rescuing, fostering, etc.  She has agreed to take her.  Not only that, she is super excited to get her and it looks like this may become her permanent home.  She has agreed to keep in touch and give me updates on Moma's progress.  


Right now we have brought her inside and placed her in our dog's old travel crate.  She has room to move, food, water and litter.  We were just afraid that she would have the kittens outside in some secluded spot and that we wouldn't know where she was or be able to get her and her babies.  We have plans to take her to her new mom later today as she is at work right now.  Moma can handle a few hours in the crate if it means she gets to go to a home where she is the only animal and she can have her babies in safety and warmth.


I will post again after we drop her off.  I'll take pictures too.  Fingers crossed that this time it works out.

Review: Saga, Volume 2

Saga, Volume 2 - Brian K. Vaughan, Fiona Staples

This story keeps getting better!  No loving Marko's mom, but he father is a doll.  And of course Marko has a crazy ex who just doesn't understand, 'he's just not that into you".  And I really like Lying Cat, because, cat! 


I'm really enjoying the artwork and the way the story flashes back to the past, and the present goes between different groups.  Our protagonists are in some serious crap!  Clearly their baby is the first step to ending a years-long war, and there's always someone who doesn't want the war to end.  Can't wait to see what happens!

Talk Me Down...

...or give me suggestions.


Bookoutlet is having a 15% off sale.  I want to order books even though I'm supposed to be on a buying ban.  Someone remind me why I shouldn't be spending money on books.  or give me some good ideas on new books to buy.

Review: The Rook

The Rook  - Daniel O'Malley

So it only took me a year plus to read this thing.  It was a birthday gift from my hubby last year.  It was not something on my wishlist; he went off-script and picked this out himself (with help from staff at B&N).  It's not something I would have picked for myself; however that's not to say that I didn't not thoroughly enjoy it.


My problem with reading this was constant distraction.  For the last year I have picked it up, read a few pages, got distracted and put it down, and the start all over again.  It was a vicious cycle.  The annoying thing was that every few paragraphs/pages I read, I was intrigued, I'd just get distracted by some random thing, kids, animals, texts, calls, etc., and not go back to it for a long while.  Finally, when my birthday came back around and it had been an entire year of me telling hubby I was going to read it, I finally realized that I needed some help to focus.  So I got the audiobook, this way I could listen while I did other things, or read along with it.  I did both.  The audiobook made all the difference; I finished it in about a day, and I have to say it was a good one! 


The story follows Myfanwy Thomas, who wakes up surrounded by bodies and blood and absolutely no memory of who she is and unknown persons trying to kill her.  Lucky for her, her previous self knew this was coming and left instructions via a series of letters.  The new Myfanwy wants to run and start a new life of leisure, but ends up getting caught up in the intrigue mystery of who stole her memories, and why they were trying to kill her.


This is definitely a suspense-thriller, which is not exactly my favorite genre, but it kept me interested throughout.  And the touch of supernatural definitely added excitement to the story.  Myfanwy deals with secret societies that work within (and without) the British government, supernatural powers and happenings, further attempts on her life.  And all the while, she never really knows who she can trust within the organization, and who is/are the ones who betrayed her.


Everything is seen from Myfanwy's point of view, either present day, or her letters to herself.  The story is original, well paced and beautifully written.  Definitely looking forward to the sequel, which I now have to bug hubby to buy for me.  It's his own fault for getting me something that is part of a series. 

Review: Bitter Sweet Love

Bitter Sweet Love (Michael Faudet) - Michael Faudet

Once again Mr. Faudet captured me with his beautiful words and made me feel ALL the feels.  He has a wonderful way of weaving words that make you smile, or cry, or laugh, or just contemplate.  Poetry is still a fairly new genre for me, but this book just makes me love it more, want to read it more.  There was a bit more prose than in his last book, but I very much enjoyed it.  I could picture the stories vividly and was easily caught up in them.  It's hard to explain how this book made me feel, so you should just read it and feel the feels for yourself.  You won't regret it. 

Review: The Lightning Struck Heart

The Lightning-Struck Heart - Lesley Berk;Michael Berk;David Castle;Sue Lauder, T.J. Klune

I read along with the kindle edition while listening to the audiobook, and I don't often say this, but the buying audiobook is the best decision I ever made!  Nothing against audiobooks; I love them and listen to them often, but this was hands-down the best performance I've heard in a long time!


This is the tale of Sam of Wilds and his (many) not-so-excellent adventures.  Usually along for the shenanigans are his best friends, Gary the sassy, gay, hornless unicorn, and Tiggy the half-giant who will happily smash anyone who attempts to hurt Gary or Sam.  Sam is a kid from the slums who unexpectedly comes into his magic and is then tapped by the king's wizard, Morgan to be his apprentice.  Sam and his parents go to live in the palace, while never forgetting where they came from and go back to visit and help the people of the slums as often as they can.


Sam is utterly adorable and has a knack for drawing people to him.  He also has a knack for falling into danger.  It seems that everyone wants to capture, kill, and/or have sex with him.  Lucky for Sam he and his companions are very cunning and always manage to escape danger.  It's usually the escapes that cause future danger.


It's really hard to explain the story without giving the whole thing a way.  There is magic, romantic pining, oblivious boys in love, jealous princes, fairy drag mothers, fairies, dragons, dark wizards, kidnappings, quests, and so many inappropriate sex puns.  The story was fun and funny; it was the humor that carried it really.  It was campy and I LOOOVES me some camp.


The cons are that the entire story is in first person.  I HATE first person stories (although it kinda worked for this one,) and the audio didn't always match up with the written story.  There were words and sometimes entire sentences added or omitted in places.  And this story was really, really, dialog heavy.  Heavy even for me, because I love good dialog.  But all-in-all it was a fun read/listen and I am definitely looking forward to the next in the series.


I highly recommend this if you looking for something fun and a bit silly, with the odd sad/dramatic spot.

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